Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Don't disrespect your body!

The flight was long and tiring.

I think the food made me sick. Usually I like airplane food but this time was different.
At the Cairns transit lounge I met the same sales lady in Sunglass Hut I met the first time I came through and she remembered me. We chatted about working in Japan and her family - she was so nice! I also bought an Oroton coin purse and matching purse.

Finally arriving back in Japan I got onto the Airport Limousine shuttle bus, trekked through Sannomiya, took the train back home and took a taxi back to my place. I had a shower then went straight to bed.

But at 3am I ran to the toilet and yakked! I had a fever and my body was shattered!
I went back to bed hoping that I would feel a lot better in the morning.

Woke up at 7am and tried to get ready for work. But I was dizzy and light headed. I ended up leaving a message on the school phone and messaging one of the english teachers at school saying that I was really sick. She told me not to worry and stay at home to get some rest. I slept for the whole day, waking up for a glass of water every now and then.

I think my body just went spak after pushing it so far when I was back in Perth. I was fine the next day and was able to go back to school.

Lesson to be learnt - Don't disrespect your body!

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Sayonara Perth (again!)

After the wedding dinner, we headed to Clara's 21st birthday.
It was a 'Yobbo' theme - meaning flannels, thongs, beer guts, stubbies and short shorts! Since we came late most people had left so we didn't feel that bad rocking up in our full wedding dinner attire!

Sunday morning I went to church and spent time with my mates telling them about my funny adventures in Japan and let them try random Japanese chocolates and biscuits.
We then went back to Brendon's place and rode to Christina's place. I've always wanted to get my bike licence but have never got round to doing so..plus I think my Dad would kill me! He's not exactly happy about me being a passenger on Brendon's bike. But I love the feeling of the wind against my face, the speed and the adrenaline as you pick up.

My girlfriend Christina is about the same size as me but she is a tank! She got her licence in Melbourne and owns 'Sparky'. But the bikes are so heavy! I just don't know how I'd be able to ride one if I was to ever get one! Anyway we had a nice cruise around the river. It was a perfect way to spend the afternoon.

I then went back home to finish packing and went out for dinner with my family then headed to the airport. Some friends saw me off at the airport and I wasn't as bad I was last time. Ok so I got a little teary! I guess it hit me that this time I wasn't going to be coming back for a long, LONG time! This time I was able to say a proper goodbye to Brendon and I walked onto the plane looking like a wreck.

I thought I would be okay seeing that I had done it before, but it was a lot harder this time round.

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Brendon, Me & Christina

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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Lionel & Thibe's Wedding

Tea Ceremony
Thank goodness the tea ceremony starts at the bride's house!
Had to get ready for the mass of people streaming through our doors around 9am. eeeks! I'm so not a morning person! And I guess it didn't help that I had spent the night before making sushi for the wedding and gone clubbing.

What happens is that the groom and his groomsmen go to the bride's house bearing gifts - I guess like a dowry? Baskets of fruit, chocolates, food, a whole roasted pig!?! I kid you not! I think it depends on what's been agreed upon, what dialect group you're from or how traditional you want to get but yeah didn't I already mention how random my Dad is? I had one of them for my 21st birthdays too! They then do the tea ceremony there with the bride's family then they all head over to the groom's place with half of the dowry stuff and do the tea ceremony there with the grooms family.

They have to serve tea to the grandparents, parents and then to their parents' family all according to age order. If I was older than my brother, they would have had to serve me tea and I would have had to give them a gift or an 'ang pow' - red packet/envelope with money inside it. But since I'm younger than him, I have to serve him and his bride tea and they are meant to give me money/words of wisdom. So since I'm the youngest I will always have to serve the tea, even when I'm the one getting married, meaning more money coming my way! Score!

I didn't get an 'ang pow' but my brother's words of wisdom - "Elope!!!"
geee thanks!

Then we had lunch and devoured the pig!

Wedding Ceremony
The ceremony was being held in a gazebo in Hyde Park. I don't know why but when I think of Hyde Park, I think of dodgy drug dealers and stabbings. Anyways the weather was beautiful and the park was gorgeous!!! I didn't realise how nice it was! It had shady, massive, old trees, fountains, ponds, cute park benches and soft, spongey green grass.

The ceremony was small but a total tear-jerker! Thibe looked absolutely gorgeous and seeing my brother up there so happy and beaming, I couldn't help but get teary. It reminded me of when my sister got married. Seeing the happiness in my parents eyes, the many smiles and that warm fuzzy feeling inside. I remembered thinking how surreal everything was, not only was I in a blue bridesmaid dress (yes I'll never let my sister live that one down!) but seeing her so pretty and amazing in her white wedding dress. The only thing that stopped me from tearing and letting the floodgates rip when I was standing next to her as she was saying her vows was thinking about how I would ruin my make-up! Waterproof mascara is the bomb!

Again after the photos, there was more eating of spring rolls, wontons, pork buns, prawn crackers, quiches, fishballs, sushi and cake.

Banquet Dinner
The wedding banquet dinner was held in Perth's new convention centre, complete with chinese 12 course dinner, "Yuuum Seng!", a band and very bad dancing to Abba (on my behalf anyway).
Dad made yet another random, cringe-worthy speech. At Karen's wedding it was,
"One down, two to go!"
as me and my brother looked at each other trying to hide.
This time it was,
"Two down, one to go!"
with all eyes on me!!! eeeeks! Thanks Dad!

It was a great night! Caught up with some family friends, went nuts to Abba on the dancefloor, played with Callum and the little flower girls, ate soooo much food and woofed down the chocolate mud wedding cake - must not waste, must not waste! The cake was soooo tasty, so glad it wasn't fruit cake!

Congratulations Brother!!!
love little c xox

The roast pig

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The Happy Couple

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Grandma & Me

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Wedding Banquet

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Friday, September 24, 2004

Time flies!

It's already Friday!

My how time flies, I head home to Japan in 2 days! It's funny how I call Japan 'home' now, I'm still getting used to it.

Went shopping (again!) and bought a pair of Sass & Bide Jeans. Everyone raves on about them so I thought I'd try them and I guess the way they fit and look on you do justify the amount you pay for them. But I have been warned that they stretch like anything!

We went to dinner at Spaghi's in South Perth with Kean and Sharon. The food was really good, especially our entree - the pizza bread I think. Then we walked over to Coco's for coffee and cake. Coco's is one of those places you would take your date to so you could impress them. It's got an amazing view of Perth at night, it's right by the river and behind a backdrop of stars, it makes me realise how beautiful Perth is. The desserts are also all so very tempting and delicious! C Lounge and Kings Park are also great places to go to if you want great Perth views.
C Lounge is a revolving restaurant so their views (and cocktails!!) are something to rave on about!

We then headed to Metro City for Asia Cocktail 2004 (cocktail party organised by a university club). These nights are usually good to catch up with mates, drink and do shooters with mates, dance and go mental with mates and generally have a good (but fuzzy) night! I wasn't able to do the all nighter this year because I had my brother's wedding the next day. But being with all my friends guaranteed that I was going to have a good night anyway!

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Where's Rui?

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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Catching up with old mates

My girlfriend from the Philippines is coming back to Perth to study and work for a bit.

I've known Pamela since we were in primary school. Just this year in January I visited her in Manila with Brendon and had the most amazing time. If you want to know where to shop, wine, dine, party or just hang out in Philo - she's the girl to call!

Even though I hadn't seen her for over 6 years, when we stayed with her in Manila and Boracay, it was just like old times. Best memories from Philippines - frozen mango margueritas the size of coconuts!!, her lovely and very hospitable family, shopping with the awesome exchange rate, $5 full body massages on the beach, crepes, balut!, snorkelling and finding Nemo, jam jars in Cocomangas, Maky, crazy traffic and insane driving away from the police!!!

I was lucky that when I was in Perth that she had just arrived too. I met up with her and did some shopping. She is such an awesome friend and I'm so glad that I got to catch up with her again! We took her and her Mum out for dinner at Rui's restaurant, then went to King St. Cafe for coffee and met up with Danielle.

I've been mates with Danielle since I was 7 years old. She was my dance routine, Fried-rice-pea-eating buddy! She is truly one of my best friends and even though we don't see each other as much as we should, our friendship is just as strong. I admire her drive, I love her "I was sooo Asian in a past life!" quirkiness and her positive vibe. This girl is gorgeous, inside and out, she can kick any guys' butt, successful and stylish with a killer smile and attitude.

Happy Birthday Geags! As always you're looking good and I'm so blessed to have a mate like you. William Shakespeare quote "Hang loose dude!"
Love you lots! xox

Me & The Geagster

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Lunches, Dinners, Suppers & Coffees

Since I've been back in Perth, it's been either lunch, dinner, supper or coffee appointments all the time. I don't do breakfasts (unless it's the only alternative).

I'm trying to make sure I catch up with as many people as I can but it's slowly taking it's toll on me. The first thing people say to me is "Are you alright? You look really tired"
But I figure that I'm only going to be here for a bit so I might as well make the most of it and go hardcore, even if that means pushing myself to the limit.

Had dinner in Leederville with some mates from church. Then headed to Oriel's for coffee and dessert. The white chocolate, fudge, raspberry cheese cake was to die for!!!

Then met up with some of the girls and stayed at Oriel's till 3am just chatting and talking about our travels, experiences, work, boys, family and every other thing under the sun. "Boom boom, shake the room!" hahaha

Also went to Ohnamiya for dinner the next night for some Japanese food. Yes I know I now live in Japan but I miss Ohnamiya food. Ohnamiya is a small Japanese dine-in and take-away restaurant in Applecross that I used to work in during my uni days. The staff there are like family and it was so good to be able to speak in Japanese to them. Straight away they asked me about the earthquakes and typhoons. I also brought them back some Japanese chocolate and cookies, and impressed Tani-san with my Kansai-ben hahaha!


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Monday, September 20, 2004

Dinner @ Reflections

Even when I was in Japan, a few girlfriends of mine were already on the email trying to organise a time and date when we could all meet up for dinner, drinks, dessert and a good ol' girly gossip session.

One of our mates who is currently studying in the UK was also back in Perth for a brief moment for her sister's wedding. So there was a small window of opportunity where all of us would be in the same place at the same time!

It was so good to catch up with all of them and to see Meng Yen again after 6 months! Reflections by the Swan was the perfect venue as the food, service and ambience was superb! Not to mention the rather delectable desserts! Oh my goodness! what's with all the alliteration?!
I also ordered the kangaroo just so I could take a photo of it to show my kids back in Japan!

I'm so lucky to have such gorgeous girlfriends to talk to, get advice from, laugh and giggle with. These girls are amazing friends. They are honest down-to-earth souls, confident kick-ass chicks, super sassy females who have vision, motivation and commitment. And even though we may be worlds apart, I know that our friendship will continue to grow.

I love you girls heaps!

The girls

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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Wedding - Part Two

Went to church in the morning.

It was so good to get back into a sense of familiarity. I have grown up in the church since I was little so to me they are my extended family. We look out for each other and they've helped me grow into the person I am today. For that, I am ever so thankful and blessed.

After church we headed to my aunt's place for Ben & Joannes Tea Ceremony.
In chinese customs, back in the good ol' days, a Tea Ceremony would be performed to unite the couple. It's a significant ceremony to show that both families have given their blessing for the couple to be married.

So the couple have to serve tea to their parents and their families and in exchange, money, jewellery, gifts and words of wisdom are given. Then there is a lot of good food and you eat some more! It's all about eating, drinking and being merry!

That night, Ben and Joanne had a smaller dinner celebration just with close friends at Sandalford Winery. It was sooooo pretty! The food was amazing and it was a buffet too!!

All in all, it was a magical night! Good company, good food, good wine - what more could you ask for?

Me, Ben, Joanne & Brendon

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Karen & Callum

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Japanese style

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