Friday, September 24, 2004

Time flies!

It's already Friday!

My how time flies, I head home to Japan in 2 days! It's funny how I call Japan 'home' now, I'm still getting used to it.

Went shopping (again!) and bought a pair of Sass & Bide Jeans. Everyone raves on about them so I thought I'd try them and I guess the way they fit and look on you do justify the amount you pay for them. But I have been warned that they stretch like anything!

We went to dinner at Spaghi's in South Perth with Kean and Sharon. The food was really good, especially our entree - the pizza bread I think. Then we walked over to Coco's for coffee and cake. Coco's is one of those places you would take your date to so you could impress them. It's got an amazing view of Perth at night, it's right by the river and behind a backdrop of stars, it makes me realise how beautiful Perth is. The desserts are also all so very tempting and delicious! C Lounge and Kings Park are also great places to go to if you want great Perth views.
C Lounge is a revolving restaurant so their views (and cocktails!!) are something to rave on about!

We then headed to Metro City for Asia Cocktail 2004 (cocktail party organised by a university club). These nights are usually good to catch up with mates, drink and do shooters with mates, dance and go mental with mates and generally have a good (but fuzzy) night! I wasn't able to do the all nighter this year because I had my brother's wedding the next day. But being with all my friends guaranteed that I was going to have a good night anyway!


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