Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Syndey - Day 3

Cam and Melissa took us to Bill's (Bill Granger) in Surry Hills for breakfast, especially for the corn fritters and ricotta hotcakes - simply divine!

Sarah also dropped by during work for a quick coffee and catch up. Thanks heaps babe for coming by. It was so good to see you again. Take care! xox

Then we went to Bondi for some shopping, sightseeing and Hurricane's ribs.

It was a rushed, whirlwind trip but it was most excellent catching up with so many people and giving our stomachs a workout. Thanks to everyone who made the time to see us, take us out and even put roofs over our heads.
We've always talked about heading over east but whether or not we ever do it...is another story. The shopping, arts scene and food is great in Melbourne but I loathe the fickle weather. The weather in Sydney is similar to Perth's but the city life is much better with loads to do, see, shop and eat, however the freaks are out in full force. If only we could live in a city that consisted of all the good things each city had to offer....all rolled into one.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Sydney - Day 2

We headed out to the city for some shopping and to see the sights.

We also met up with Pam and Ron, who were also holidaying in Sydney, before checking out The Sydney Opera House and The Harbour Bridge. Although we've both been to Sydney before, we thought we had to at least get the touristy photo of us in front of each landmark.

Then we headed to Starbucks to briefly meet up with Brendon's ex-work mate before meeting up with Meng Yen. Ro picked us up and we all had dinner in Newtown with Sam and Hana. Thanks so much for coming out guys!

The thai food was so tasty and cheap in Newtown, especially the red duck curry.

With Ro and Meng Yen - see you at the wedding!

Coffee with Hana and Sam - hisashiburi!

We ended the night with a scenic drive through Sydney with Cam and Mel.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sydney - Day 1

We arrived early Sunday morning and went straight to bed at Melissa and Cam's place.

They took us out for dim sum at Marigold, followed by an enormous dinner at a steak place by the harbour.

My petite fillet was super deceiving. I thought it was hardly a challenge at first sight but it truly conquered. It was mega thick and juicy. With our bellies well full and bulging Mel and I couldn't resist dessert and thus a vanilla bean pannacotta and creme brulee was ordered and shared between the four of us.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Day 3

I can't remember much of what we did the next day but it involved a lot of eating. Quyen took me out to do my last bit of shopping while the boys played tennis.

Then we headed to an all-you-can-eat steamboat and peking duck place for dinner. We all ate so much. I even had to undo the button and zip of my jeans - thankfully I was wearing a long top so it didn't matter.

Peter had also flown in that night and the boys decided to do an all nighter at Crown. Not wanting any of that, Quyen took myself and her sister, who was also visiting with a friend, to Koko Black - the ultimate for chocolate lovers. Surprisingly even after all we ate at dinner, we still managed to fit in a hot chocolate and taster plate.

Also shout outs to Melissa who I bumped into that night. It was so good to see you again - it's been ages! Such good timing too. Glad your enjoying living it up in Melbourne and hope everything's going well.
I ended up having 3 hours sleep back at Kean's place before being woken up by the guys as they returned and then we headed to the airport. Thanks for driving us Matt & Winston.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Day 2

Happy Australia Day!

We woke up early and headed to the Queen Victoria markets for breakfast. Unfortunately they were closed so we went to the South Melbourne Markets instead. After buying food for our BBQ celebrations, some of us went to do some serious shopping. I'm impressed at how much ground we covered. I didn't end up buying much seeing that my Japan trip was coming up. But I got 2 pairs of shoes for $30! I have Quyen's super sharp, bargain hunting eyes to thank for those. You are the awesomeness, babe!

Matt, Wine & Quyen put on a wonderful, belly-bulging BBQ of gourmet sausages, chilli marinated chicken wings, healthy but tasty kebabs, potato salad, garlic bread and veges - the asparagus were so juicy.

Those suss heads locked me out of the apartment ("Oh..err..the key doesn't work, I'll get the other one" - good one M!) and surprised me with a birthday cake. Q - it really meant a lot to me and made my trip even more sweeter. Thanks so much guys!

After we watched the fireworks from their balcony we headed to Crown Casino so the boys could hit the poker tables.

I also bumped into Derek and Germaine from high school at Crown. Hey guys, nice seeing you again. 6 degrees of separation (or less!) hey. Such a small, small world. Then it was time to stumble home, shower and sleep.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Birthday Trip

For my birthday Brendon spoilt me by taking me over east during the Australia Day long weekend.

We first headed to Melbourne via Adelaide (I can now say I've been there, although only in the airport) and arrived in the afternoon. After strolling around in the city we met up with Quyen, Matt and Winston for some fine dining at ezard. Very stylish with intimate atmosphere, attentive service and excellent food and presentation.

Then we walked back to Matt & Quyen's new place to end off the night.
Love the apartment Q - oh la la!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Craving duck

Rui, Joel, Brendon and myself went to Chin's Noodle House in Leeming for some yummy peking duck.

Too tasty.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Early celebrations

I didn't feel like celebrating my birthday this year.

Yes, it's the quarter-of-a-century mark but since returning from Japan I haven't been in much of a celebratory mood.

But I'm lucky to have great friends who love me no matter what and they organised a dinner for me at Cheers in Subiaco followed by tea and a birthday cake at Marina's place.

Thanks for your company, the laughs and everything girls! It really made my day.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Blue skies & blue seas

The day after consisted of a late check out, a bright blue sky and ocean and a relaxing lunch in Busselton before driving back home.

And boy was I tired after that drive but it was such a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jez & Matt's Wedding

Brendon and I woke up early and had breakfast at the resort restaurant. We had the hazelnut honey pancakes and bacon & eggs on sourdough toast. Quite tasty although not sure if the pancakes were meant to be that brown (or burnt).

After breakfast we helped set up the umbrellas, tent, chairs and guestbook table. The day was sunny and the brilliant blue sky was perfect but it turned out to be a very, very hot day. Luckily the ceremony was short and sweet and the bonbonniere paper fans were well received.
I was in charge of taking the guests photos for the guest book (eeks! hope they turned out okay). Before heading out I popped by Jez's room to wish her "good luck" and saw her in her dress and all done up with her hair and make-up. She looked so stunning that I started tearing already. It was so surreal and she looked every part the beautiful, beaming bride.

After the photos most guests took advantage of the resort pool to cool off and relax while the bridal party went off to take some more photos. The tea ceremony was held before the reception and Wendy and I were in charge of collecting the ang pows and presents.

With our bodyguards

The reception room had a lovely view that overlooked the beach and the sunset in the background really set the magical mood.

The speeches were touching, hilarious and very, very sweet. Yep, there were some tears shed. The buffet was surprisingly really good and not just some, but ALL the dishes were tasty and I couldn't get enough of the dessert. We had such a good time dancing the night away and even the 'oldies' were ripping it up.
Congrats Jez and Matt! It was such a gorgeous day and I'm so happy for you both. I hope it was everything you've wanted and I wish you all the best for your new lives together as husband and wife. (Jez, you're a wifey now! haha) It's funny remembering first meeting Matt (aka Matt Rafter) at Steve's 3-4 years ago and wondering who this mystery guy was. It's amazing that you guys have come this far and accomplished so much together already. I know your future will be just as bright!