Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jez & Matt's Wedding

Brendon and I woke up early and had breakfast at the resort restaurant. We had the hazelnut honey pancakes and bacon & eggs on sourdough toast. Quite tasty although not sure if the pancakes were meant to be that brown (or burnt).

After breakfast we helped set up the umbrellas, tent, chairs and guestbook table. The day was sunny and the brilliant blue sky was perfect but it turned out to be a very, very hot day. Luckily the ceremony was short and sweet and the bonbonniere paper fans were well received.
I was in charge of taking the guests photos for the guest book (eeks! hope they turned out okay). Before heading out I popped by Jez's room to wish her "good luck" and saw her in her dress and all done up with her hair and make-up. She looked so stunning that I started tearing already. It was so surreal and she looked every part the beautiful, beaming bride.

After the photos most guests took advantage of the resort pool to cool off and relax while the bridal party went off to take some more photos. The tea ceremony was held before the reception and Wendy and I were in charge of collecting the ang pows and presents.

With our bodyguards

The reception room had a lovely view that overlooked the beach and the sunset in the background really set the magical mood.

The speeches were touching, hilarious and very, very sweet. Yep, there were some tears shed. The buffet was surprisingly really good and not just some, but ALL the dishes were tasty and I couldn't get enough of the dessert. We had such a good time dancing the night away and even the 'oldies' were ripping it up.
Congrats Jez and Matt! It was such a gorgeous day and I'm so happy for you both. I hope it was everything you've wanted and I wish you all the best for your new lives together as husband and wife. (Jez, you're a wifey now! haha) It's funny remembering first meeting Matt (aka Matt Rafter) at Steve's 3-4 years ago and wondering who this mystery guy was. It's amazing that you guys have come this far and accomplished so much together already. I know your future will be just as bright!


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