Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Syndey - Day 3

Cam and Melissa took us to Bill's (Bill Granger) in Surry Hills for breakfast, especially for the corn fritters and ricotta hotcakes - simply divine!

Sarah also dropped by during work for a quick coffee and catch up. Thanks heaps babe for coming by. It was so good to see you again. Take care! xox

Then we went to Bondi for some shopping, sightseeing and Hurricane's ribs.

It was a rushed, whirlwind trip but it was most excellent catching up with so many people and giving our stomachs a workout. Thanks to everyone who made the time to see us, take us out and even put roofs over our heads.
We've always talked about heading over east but whether or not we ever do it...is another story. The shopping, arts scene and food is great in Melbourne but I loathe the fickle weather. The weather in Sydney is similar to Perth's but the city life is much better with loads to do, see, shop and eat, however the freaks are out in full force. If only we could live in a city that consisted of all the good things each city had to offer....all rolled into one.


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