Thursday, September 23, 2004

Catching up with old mates

My girlfriend from the Philippines is coming back to Perth to study and work for a bit.

I've known Pamela since we were in primary school. Just this year in January I visited her in Manila with Brendon and had the most amazing time. If you want to know where to shop, wine, dine, party or just hang out in Philo - she's the girl to call!

Even though I hadn't seen her for over 6 years, when we stayed with her in Manila and Boracay, it was just like old times. Best memories from Philippines - frozen mango margueritas the size of coconuts!!, her lovely and very hospitable family, shopping with the awesome exchange rate, $5 full body massages on the beach, crepes, balut!, snorkelling and finding Nemo, jam jars in Cocomangas, Maky, crazy traffic and insane driving away from the police!!!

I was lucky that when I was in Perth that she had just arrived too. I met up with her and did some shopping. She is such an awesome friend and I'm so glad that I got to catch up with her again! We took her and her Mum out for dinner at Rui's restaurant, then went to King St. Cafe for coffee and met up with Danielle.

I've been mates with Danielle since I was 7 years old. She was my dance routine, Fried-rice-pea-eating buddy! She is truly one of my best friends and even though we don't see each other as much as we should, our friendship is just as strong. I admire her drive, I love her "I was sooo Asian in a past life!" quirkiness and her positive vibe. This girl is gorgeous, inside and out, she can kick any guys' butt, successful and stylish with a killer smile and attitude.

Happy Birthday Geags! As always you're looking good and I'm so blessed to have a mate like you. William Shakespeare quote "Hang loose dude!"
Love you lots! xox


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