Saturday, September 25, 2004

Lionel & Thibe's Wedding

Tea Ceremony
Thank goodness the tea ceremony starts at the bride's house!
Had to get ready for the mass of people streaming through our doors around 9am. eeeks! I'm so not a morning person! And I guess it didn't help that I had spent the night before making sushi for the wedding and gone clubbing.

What happens is that the groom and his groomsmen go to the bride's house bearing gifts - I guess like a dowry? Baskets of fruit, chocolates, food, a whole roasted pig!?! I kid you not! I think it depends on what's been agreed upon, what dialect group you're from or how traditional you want to get but yeah didn't I already mention how random my Dad is? I had one of them for my 21st birthdays too! They then do the tea ceremony there with the bride's family then they all head over to the groom's place with half of the dowry stuff and do the tea ceremony there with the grooms family.

They have to serve tea to the grandparents, parents and then to their parents' family all according to age order. If I was older than my brother, they would have had to serve me tea and I would have had to give them a gift or an 'ang pow' - red packet/envelope with money inside it. But since I'm younger than him, I have to serve him and his bride tea and they are meant to give me money/words of wisdom. So since I'm the youngest I will always have to serve the tea, even when I'm the one getting married, meaning more money coming my way! Score!

I didn't get an 'ang pow' but my brother's words of wisdom - "Elope!!!"
geee thanks!

Then we had lunch and devoured the pig!

Wedding Ceremony
The ceremony was being held in a gazebo in Hyde Park. I don't know why but when I think of Hyde Park, I think of dodgy drug dealers and stabbings. Anyways the weather was beautiful and the park was gorgeous!!! I didn't realise how nice it was! It had shady, massive, old trees, fountains, ponds, cute park benches and soft, spongey green grass.

The ceremony was small but a total tear-jerker! Thibe looked absolutely gorgeous and seeing my brother up there so happy and beaming, I couldn't help but get teary. It reminded me of when my sister got married. Seeing the happiness in my parents eyes, the many smiles and that warm fuzzy feeling inside. I remembered thinking how surreal everything was, not only was I in a blue bridesmaid dress (yes I'll never let my sister live that one down!) but seeing her so pretty and amazing in her white wedding dress. The only thing that stopped me from tearing and letting the floodgates rip when I was standing next to her as she was saying her vows was thinking about how I would ruin my make-up! Waterproof mascara is the bomb!

Again after the photos, there was more eating of spring rolls, wontons, pork buns, prawn crackers, quiches, fishballs, sushi and cake.

Banquet Dinner
The wedding banquet dinner was held in Perth's new convention centre, complete with chinese 12 course dinner, "Yuuum Seng!", a band and very bad dancing to Abba (on my behalf anyway).
Dad made yet another random, cringe-worthy speech. At Karen's wedding it was,
"One down, two to go!"
as me and my brother looked at each other trying to hide.
This time it was,
"Two down, one to go!"
with all eyes on me!!! eeeeks! Thanks Dad!

It was a great night! Caught up with some family friends, went nuts to Abba on the dancefloor, played with Callum and the little flower girls, ate soooo much food and woofed down the chocolate mud wedding cake - must not waste, must not waste! The cake was soooo tasty, so glad it wasn't fruit cake!

Congratulations Brother!!!
love little c xox


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