Sunday, March 04, 2007

Friendships in broken English/Japanese

Megumi invited me out to lunch in her neighbourhood. She took me to a small okonomiyaki shop which was run by her friend. I had the 'works' and it was so tasty and filling. I miss eating okonomiyaki.

We then headed to Katsu's house where GUPi were having a practise session. Koichi didn't know I was going to be there and he was so surprised. The look on his face was simply classic. Talking and laughing with them really made me miss their friendship. They were like my adoptive aunties and uncles in Japan and they always took care of me. They reminded me of the simple joys in life that I often overlooked.

Megumi invited me back to her house where I met her husband and their beloved schnauzer. They were so kind enough to drive me back into the city (via the scenic Rokko Island route) so I could meet up with my exchange friends.

Chieko is the best. She had already organised with the gang to meet up for dinner for me. Mecha arigatou Chi-chan! Keita wanted to take us to this Thai place but it was closed that night. Not to be outdone he took us to this awesome little izakaya which specialises in yuzu (a little citrus fruit like a cross between a lime or mandarin or grapefruit). Every dish had yuzu used in it and the was a range of yuzu beer, wine and desserts. It was such a fun night and even though I struggled with my Japanese it was still great just hanging out as mates do, even though we come from different backgrounds. During my time in Japan I found hanging out with Japanese friends was the best way to improve my Japanese.

Keita proving to me that his keitai was waterproof

Yuzu creme brulee

Chocolate berry cake - can't remember if this had yuzu in it

Nanako, Chieko, me, Keita & Gouhei

Domo arigatou! m(_ _)m


At 8:34 am, Anonymous Jeff said...

Are you still in Japan Christine?

At 10:26 am, Blogger Christine said...

Hi Jeff,

Unfortunately no, I'm not. I've just been really bad at updating my blog in 2007. Is this Jeff, "Oh Canada!" Jeff?


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