Saturday, March 03, 2007

Friendly faces

Today I headed into Sanners and met up with Leigh and Alison. It was great to see them again and catch up with the JET/Gak goss. I didn't have any plans I just wanted to hang out. We went for lunch at what used to be Lois Cafe. I can't remember it's new name but the menu and decor is still pretty much the same.

In the evening I headed back to Tarumi for dinner with my ex-neighbours. Both neighbours have since moved into new apartments.

As always Noriko cooked up a delicious spread. It was also the first time I saw their new baby girl. I was surprised the two little boys Shuhei and Jamie remembered me. I had actually bumped into Kanako and Jamie at the store a few days before and he had recognised me first then told Kanako I was in the store.

This baby rocker is amazing. You can set the speed and let it put your baby to sleep!

Yusuke is a keen fisherman and he makes his own lures. By hand. How awesome do they look!


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