Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sajith & Natashia's Wedding

On a beautiful Saturday at the end of the year, two of my beautiful friends from high school had a beautiful wedding and began their new lives as husband and wife.

Here comes to bride...

The money shot

Presenting Mr & Mrs G

The reception was held at AQUA and guests could walk through the underwater tunnel bit during pre-dinner drinks. I haven't been there since I was in primary school. It was so cool and such a fitting venue for the newly weds.

Tash had recently booked Saj a swimming session with the sharks for his birthday at AQUA.

We were then escorted to the deck and entered a bubble-filled recepetion room with a gorgeous view of the sun setting behind the sea. It was such a great night with delicious food, touching speeches, catching up with high school mates and hilarity on the dancefloor. The traditional Sri Lankan wedding ceremony bit was really interesting and beautiful too.

Tash looked so beautiful and my favourite yay-high-black-guy (aka B1) scrubbed up pretty damn well too. The smile on Saj's face was priceless. When I congratulated them after the ceremony at the church, I had to hold back tears when hugging Tash. I was speechless. I was just so happy for them both. During the reception, Tash changed into a stunning turquoise sari.

"Give me some cheese!"

The end of the night was quite the tear jerker. Saj and Tash will be soon relocating to Canada and saying goodbye to their family members was pretty emotional. It was quite sad but at the same time so exciting that they were embarking on a new adventure in a new country, together as husband as wife.
The paparazzi shot
Congratulations you guys!! Thank you so much for allowing me to share your special day with you. I'm so so so happy for you both and wish you all the best for the future. Don't forget to come back and visit! We'll rock up on your doorstep one day hehehe
Saj - You can officially give me back the golden shovel now. "Dig up! Dig up!"
Much respect sweetie.


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