Sunday, November 05, 2006

Visit by the Governor of Hyogo

Governor Ido was in town with delegates from the city of Ako. As a Hyogo Goodwill Envoy, I received an invitation to a welcome BBQ reception to be held in Rockingham.

So I dragged Brendon along and had a nice time chatting to some lovely people over a yummy lunch, and caught up with Steph too. It was well organised with a petting zoo set up, face-painting, tastings of the south's tasty seafood and wines and performances by a childrens' choir, Aboriginal dance group and Scottish band.

Governor Ido making friends with a snake

The guy sitting next to me had his face painted like a lion - so cute!

We then visited Brendon's Aunty Gina who lives in Rockingham. In the 30 minutes we took to get to her place from when we called her to say we would be dropping by, she made us ricotta and spinach pastries and cheese and sweet relish crackers - she's such a sweetie.


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