Saturday, October 07, 2006

Perth Royal Show

I haven't been to the Royal Show since high school. I think the last showbag I ever got was the Stick & Pop bag and the healthy Yellow Brick Road box.

The Royal Show is held every year for one week during the spring holidays. It's kinda like the world expo (but on a MUCH smaller scale - much, much, much smaller!) and is more focussed on WA's agriculture and produce.

This year's guest nation was Japan and they had asked for volunteers to help out at the Japan Pavilion. So as a Hyogo Goodwill Envoy I volunteered and got free entry into the show.

It was nice to catch up with the others while wearing happi coats, chatting about what we missed about Japan and informing the crowds when ASIMO would be next apprearing. ASIMO, Honda's most advanced humanoid robot, could talk, dance, kick a soccer ball and put on a show for the kids.

Nice day for the family.

The samurai guy guarding the sake samples


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