Saturday, October 21, 2006

Mike & Yen's Wedding

Finally the big day for Yen and Mike ~ how excitement!

As us girls woke up mega early to be at Yen's parents' place by 6am, the boys were still in bed at the apartment only to wake up at 8am to play xbox.

It was so much fun to chat, giggle and eat without ruining our makeup as we got ready and took photos. Helping Yen into her dress was a complete riot.

From this... this.

Yen and her dad on the way to Cottesloe

The weather was beautiful and the setting and music was perfect. Yen looked gorgeous and seeing Michael at the end of the red carpet grinning like a freakin' lunatic was absolutely classic. Seriously one of the best weddings I've been to. Short, sweet, simply beautiful and a true reflection of the new husband and wife.

The groomsmen

The teary, sneezey, "all look alike" bridesmaids

Cruising in the limo

Kings Park

Matilda Bay

The setting and view at Matilda Bay Restaurant was beautiful and intimate. But most importantly, the food was so good and tasty. Everyone I spoke to said it was excellent and damn, how good was the bread?! Our lovely waiter even brought around some more for us after he saw how quickly we wolfed ours down.

"It's like we've never eaten bread before" - Bonnie

All the best to you guys! I hope you had an amazing day and thank you for allowing us to share it with you. We couldn't be any happier for you both! xox


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