Sunday, September 24, 2006

Too many cooks mean too much good food

Brendon had people around his house on Saturday for a BBQ-footy-fest. Was very impressed by the burger meat patties El and Pete made. They were so tasty and freakin' huge.

Bau and El busy cooking while the boys were inside watching the footy

Then it was to Ron's house for a homemade dinner. Very impressive. Same time next week eh?




Green tea cake from Cakes Delight in Applecross (they also do a 'durian cake' there and the 'pear william' is another favourite).

Li'en organised a surprise dinner on Sunday for Choong's birthday. Well done for pulling it off - his expression through the door was priceless! Choong is a very lucky guy. Li'en is an amzing cook ~ the creamy mushroom pasta and Oreo cheesecake were delicious!


At 9:09 pm, Anonymous Q said...

I bet Lien made those cakes herself??? Damn Choong is a lucky guy! :)


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