Friday, August 04, 2006

Takoyaki party

Today I met up with Sue Yen before she had work. We went to Osaka for lunch at a Korean place. I had the yakiniku set (yakiniku for lunch?! I have to do it all before I leave) and she had the kimchi bibimbap.

That evening I went back to my apartment block because my neighbours threw me a takoyaki farewell party. It was so tasty. Yusuke bought fresh Akashi octopus for the takoyaki and an assortment of sashimi. We made a variety of takoyaki with cheese, kimchi and sausages.

I'm ever so thankful for my lovely neighbours who helped me settle into my life in Japan. It was great to have such wonderful and caring friends living next door. Yusuke and Noriko have already moved to a new mansion, I've just left and soon Eric and Kanako will be moving to a new place.


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