Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sayonara Nippon

While I've been living at Cheryl's house, I'm been living a very comfortable lady of leisure lifestyle.

The taxi company knows who I am and I haven't had to trek up that hill for almost a week. I've been able to sleep late and sleep in. I go out for lunch at all my favourite places one last time. I walk up and down all the malls one last time (unfortunately I can't buy anything because my suitcase is already overweight and I've sent 7 boxes home). It is bliss.

But living out of a suitcase isn't the life for me and as much as I love this place, I do look forward to going home. Who am I kidding? I don't want to leave but a holiday back home would be a nice refresher.

I wake up early, take my last taxi to the station and struggle with my heavy suitcase and bags to the airport bus stop in Sanners. Chieko is already waiting there for me. Gai-sensei and Taniguchi-sensei are also there to see me off. They had all offered to drive me to the airport but I think I need to get on that bus by myself and go through the airport by myself and say goodbye to Japan by myself. You know, getting closure and stuff.

I got on the bus and waved to them through the window as the bus drove off. My suitcase went through fine and the flight to Singapore allowed me to sprawl across 3 seats while my mind tried to digest that I was leaving. It really was 'the end of an era' - haha well quoted matey.

After so many meals, movies and duty-free shopping, I eventually arrived in Perth around midnight. It was cold. It was quiet. My parents picked me up from the airport. Driving back home, looking out the window realising where I was, my heart sank and the tears started.

It's really over.

Why did I leave?

I miss Japan already.


At 4:05 pm, Blogger cat said...

hey christine!

you being sad made me a little sad =( i guess all good things come to an end and at least you've built some awesome friendships and that's a brilliant excuse to visit them any time! Life will go back to normal.. just remember the other great things you'd missed out on - Brendan, Sean, Callum & the rest of ur family!

Come to Sydney if you're bored, i'll keep you occupied!

cat x

At 12:00 pm, Blogger Christine said...

hey cat! I had a great time and experience for sure. Hope you're doing well and yes, we definitely want to visit Sydney sometime soon! Take care and appreciate your post.



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