Thursday, August 03, 2006

Oh sweet pineapple

Leigh and I have been hankering for hawaiian pizza for ages.

Pizza in Japan is an experience within itself. They like toppings such as mayonnaise, corn and other things you wouldn't really think of. Couldn't we just bring a can of pineapple to them at ask them to put it on top? *sucking air through teeth* hmmm chotto

Leigh came up with a glorious revealation one night. How about we order a normal ham and cheese pizza and put our own pineapple on top? Even better, how about we pan fry the pineapple first so it'll be hot and tasty.

Finally a pizza night was organised and I met up with him after work, lugging a can of pineapple in my bag. We headed to Domino's and there was a 'new item' on the menu - Tropical pizza. It had ham, cheese, corn, mayo and onion. Needless to say we asked for no corn, mayo or onion.

Miwako brought a really sweet rockmelon (melons are really expensive here) and we had a surprise strawberry roll cake for Sam's birthday.

Then we headed to Gakuentoshi's local karaoke joint.

Sam's ring of fire

Adrian being discreet while pouring shouchu under the table
I'm not a fan of karaoke but I've come to enjoy it a lot with the 'socially exclusive' Kobe crew. Nothing beats Alison's showtunes, Leigh and Marissa's disney duets, Sam's random rap selections and the interpretive dances. Good times.

Our final song


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