Sunday, August 06, 2006

Last weekend


I had my last hair appointment at D:UC. I'm going to miss their amazing service (wash, style cut, blow dry, head and shoulder massage, complimentary drink and chocolate/rice crackers - and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg!)

In the evening I headed to Chieko's place in Takarazuka. Chieko and Jun were already kitted out in their yukatas. Sue Yen lent me one of hers since I'd already boxed and sent mine home. Chieko's mum helped put mine one and served us homemade anmitsu - delicious.

After picking Sue Yen up from the station, we walked to Chieko's family friend's apartment which was right by the river, where the Takarazuka fireworks were being set off. We had an awesome view.

Afterwards we sat inside eating and talking. We met Noriko, the daughter of Chieko's mum's friend. She works as a flight attendant for Cathay Pacific and now lives in Hong Kong. She also did a year exchange in Perth when she was a high school student.

Back at Chieko's place eating homemade chirashizushi.

It was about 11pm when we finally decided to go to karaoke. It was an all nighter session but luckily Chieko was driving so we didn't have to wait for first trains.


We got home about 4am, showered and knocked out. Chieko gave us vodafone t-shirts to wear to bed - it was her present to us as she used to work for them. When we finally got up the next day Chieko's parents prepared a huge brunch of burgers, fresh bread and fruit. We were so spoilt. We picked up Jun and dropped Sue Yen home for her shodo lesson. Then they dropped me back to Cheryl's place and headed to Porto Bazar.

Mecha arigatou Chi-chan to Jun-chan! Totemo tanoshikata! Ogenkide!

In the evening I headed to Sanners for my last Starbucks matcha frappuccino while waiting for Alison, Marissa and Leigh. Met up with Sue Yen again and we headed to Lois Cafe for dinner.

Wandering the streets of Sannomiya on a summer night - gonna miss it.


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