Monday, August 07, 2006

Last day

For my last day in Japan I headed to Kyoto with Marissa and Sue Yen.

We did a bit of shopping and walked around in the heat.

Then we headed back to Sanners and Marissa went off to a dinner engagement while Sue Yen and I went to a very oshare cafe which I've always wanted to go to. It's on the side of Daimaru and opens out onto the sidewalk. The waitstaff are suited up immaculately and they only serve drinks, cakes and sandwiches.

After walking around and trying to soak up as much as I could, it slowly hit me that I would be on a plane tomorrow. Leaving for good. It felt weird. Hello anxiety.

We went to Chada Thai for a dinner of pad thai, pineapple rice and cashew chicken. So tasty but we just couldn't finish it between the two of us.

Then we met up with Marissa again, along with Leigh and Alison and headed to Junkara for our last karaoke session. Our first room had a technical problem so we were moved into the safari room - check out the zebra print seats. Nice.

Me with the ashtray cymbals and Leigh's makeshift drums

Our last song was chosen by Marissa. Goodbye by the Spice Girls - oh so very appropriate.

Goodbye my friend(s)

It's not the end

So glad we made it

Time will never change it.

Thanks for the memories guys! Thanks for sharing my fan-Japan-tastic experience with me and making it that much more enjoyable. Gonna miss you guys heaps. All the best and keep in touch.



At 12:34 am, Anonymous adelyn said...

By the time you read this comment, you might probably be back at home. It was nice to follow you through your wonderful experience in Japan! Keep the writing going!

At 3:11 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your life in Japan. I'll miss reading about all the nice food you've had, the lovely people you've made friends with and the anecdotes you shared about your teaching life.

stranger passing by...

At 9:48 pm, Blogger markymark2099 said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures in Japan. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and was so hungry every time you took a picture of the food you ate! Even though you're not in Japan anymore, I hope the blog writing doesn't stop!

Marky :)

At 12:09 pm, Blogger Christine said...

adelyn, stranger passing by, markymark - Thanks for all your comments! I'm glad you enjoyed my ramblings about Japan and yep, I'm going to miss all the fabulous food, friends and adventures Japan has to offer. I'm not sure if I'll keep writing or not. Perth ain't got nothin' on Kobe. Plus, I can't pull out the gaijin card and get away with the touristy-photo-takings here. We'll see...for the benefit of my non-Australian friends who want to visit Oz.


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