Friday, August 11, 2006

Bad apples suck

The more people I come across, the more I relate to a bumper sticker I once read,
"The more peope I meet, the more I like my dog."

I don't have a dog but if I did, I'm sure that I would like my dog more. I can't get over how rude people are here. I never really noticed it before I went to Japan. I think I always came across really nice people. But now it's so in-your-face obvious.

I know I can't keep comparing things to Japan but I'm in reverse-culture-shock mode so I'm allowed to until I become jaded again. But has common courtesy died? Is it too much to ask for good service or a smile nowadays? (you know you're getting old when you use words such as 'nowadays')

I admit that even in Japan you got people like that. I'm sure you get that all over the world. But wouldn't the world be a nicer place? You get good apples, you get bad apples. But the bad apple ratio here just seems to be a whole lot higher.


At 10:44 pm, Blogger Loreen said...

HaH! Wait until you get to London...sets a new benchmark for rudeness!

At 4:08 pm, Blogger ~tif;fany* said...

and not forgetting singapore. its like OMIGOSH!

At 12:21 pm, Blogger Christine said...

hey loreen - haha hmmm true. Will just have to wait and see.

~tif;fany* - Yeah, I guess it's the same. I remember getting both in Singapore. Ahh wellers, you get the good with the bad.


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