Sunday, July 02, 2006

Tsuyu - the rainy season

It was going to be a great game; Maiko High School versus Kensho High School.

Cheryl and I woke up very early on Sunday morning to see our baseball boys play against each other. We were looking forward to some friendly rivalry and Cheryl even wore her Kensho sports t-shirt. But alas, the rain. When we got to my school it was raining pretty heavily and the game was cancelled. Boo!

But my 2nd year OC boys never fail to make me laugh. Also I was very impressed with my 1st year boys who tried speaking to Cheryl to English. Why don't they ever speak that well in my class?!?

After that it was back home to start the packing and cleaning. The countdown has begun. My apartment is getting barer, my boxes are getting fuller and my heart is getting heavier.




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