Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sayonara in Himeji

The Hyogo JET Sayonara party was held at the Coconuts beer garden in Himeji.

It was really good to see and catch up with people that I haven't seen in ages, especially from up in the Tajima area.

Too bad it's rainy season and it started raining as soon as I got there. But with all you can eat, all you can drink and big beach umbrellas, I'm sure many still managed to have a good time.

Aaron & Jon

Roman & Dan

With my favourite monkeyman, Zack (no banana this time)

Kinosaki Kerr

With the Awaji 1st year girls; Lauren, Iona & Buyon

The lovely Lisa - gonna miss you girl, always making me laugh

Princess Hyogo Miako, Jane, Jen, me & Lisa

With Mei-"Eat here or take away?"-yen & her pimp Lauren

Jason & Jon

Jasmin & Dan

Dan & Tomomi

Zack with his monkey ears and monkey tail

Cody (fresh straight from Tokyo), Kelly, Mei, Evan & Zack

Kelly & Lauren at our conbini stop

I had an early start the next day so I caught a last train back with Jane. Very glad I was nice and cosy in bed instead of a karaoke room floor.


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