Friday, July 21, 2006

Sayonara Bakamono club

The Bakamono club strikes again.

Everyone has been so busy that we haven't had a bakamono club meeting all this term. I'm really grateful that even though the teachers had parent-student interviews, exams and what not going on, they managed to organised a final sayonara party for me. It was also so good to see some teachers who left Maiko last term and are working elsewhere.

They presented me with a bunch of flowers, a beautiful ceramic, hand-painted, wind chime bell (common in Japan around Spring time) and a furoshiki cloth.

Black sesame tofu


Computer-sensei loves her nihon-shu, with 'service' of course

Even though we've all been busy, during the week two teachers and I would have a tea-time break and just sit back and relax for a bit. In that time they decided to have a Chris-quiz at the bakamono dinner. I had to think of my top 3 favourite places in Japan, top 3 favourite Japanese foods, top 3 memories of Japan and the top 3 things in Japan that shocked or surprised me.

Maths-Tennis-sensei would ask the other teachers to guess and I would have to say "PING PONG" (correct) or "BU BU" (incorrect). If their answer was correct, he would peel off the paper to reveal the answer. He is classic.

After eating and drinking loads, a few of us headed to a cafe for round 2! I had a fruit parfait with a cup of tea. Needless to say I was oh-so-stuffed.

I had such a great night and will miss these teachers dearly. They really made me feel welcome and I'm so thankful for their kindness and letting me into their lives to experience and enjoy 'Japanese culture'.


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