Monday, July 31, 2006

One last time

I spent all day doing last minute cleaning and packing. My apartment looked so bare. Kind of like how it was when I first moved in.

Sam, Leigh and Marissa went to Suma beach and dropped by later. Thanks for the coolish guys!

Coolish is a delicious ice cream drink in a plastic bag tubing type package. It rocks. Especially in summer. Available from most convenient stores, it's like drinking melty ice cream or a thick shake in a bag. Yummo. You can get vanilla, mango lassi and french pear. I prefer mango lassi.

That evening I headed to Porto Bazar to meet up with some ex-students for dinner, Mariko and Minami. They look so grown up from when I used to see them in their school uniforms. One is studying English at a foreign language university in Kyoto, and the other is off to the US to study English and business. She previously did a year exchange in Texas during high school. They were both a pleasure to teach and I'm so glad they are doing what they want to do and enjoy.

We went to the Tooth Tooth restaurant - highly recommend! Great place for a date - as my student commented. Beautiful view of the bridge and water, tasty food and reasonable too.

I took photos but accidentally deleted them because I thought I had already downloaded them. Eeiiidiot!

I looked at the bridge from my balcony one last time. Watered my plants. Sat on my couch and watched a little TV. I tried to do everything. One last time.


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