Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Eating outings

Met up with Cheryl, Claire, Adam and Krystal for kaiten-sushi.

Claire has been hankering for sushi and is trying to eat as much as she can while in Japan. Unfortunately for Cheryl, who is allergic to fish, this means sticking to the egg, prawn, octopus and other non-fish plates. You'd be surprised at just how many non-fish plates they have at kappa-sushi. We especially like the chocolate parfaits and cheese cake slices that tempt us each time they go round.

On Tuesday after work I met up with Cheryl and Claire again but this time for some mexican. Cheryl took us to a small, funky mexican restaurant north-west of Kobe station. The taco box sets and fresh fruit smoothies were totemo oishii da yo! We left very full and satisfied.

Ii osusume Cheryl-san!


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