Thursday, July 27, 2006

Eating & Farewells

A few teachers and myself went to Adzukian for a long lunch.

Eggplant cooked like agedashi tofu - totemo tasty and healthy too.
I'm going to miss that place.

In the evening I went for dinner with Kawatobi-sensei and Tanaka-sensei. I also introduced them to Cheryl, who is also a very keen hiker. I took them to the thai/vietnamese place in Tarumi and I finally tried the pad thai. It was a huge serving (I was defeated) at a very good price but I still prefer Baan Thai's version.

Tanaka-sensei gave me a book of photographs capturing the beauty of Japan's distinct seasons. The images are amazing and I hope to see them in real life some day. Kawatobi-sensei gave me a Japanese-style hair clip that I promised to wear with my yukata.

The next evening I met up with Nakai-sensei and took her to Malibu. We shared the Malibu salad and a white fish pasta. With only one main chef guy in the tiny kitchen, the food takes a little while to come out but it's always really good. Alison and Marissa joined us after they had dinner at the thai/vietnamese place.

After dinner Nakai-sensei and myself picked up some desserts from Sweets Garden and went back to my place for tea. She is so sweet and really cute in her expressions. We talked about work and she brought over photos of her family and exchange trips to Canada and on the Hyogo Floating University (which drops by Perth). She literally lives down the road from me and I wish she had been placed at the school earlier so we could have hung out more.

I'm going to miss all of them a lot.


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