Monday, July 03, 2006

Courtesy of our local foreign food store

Cheryl had Krystal and I over for dinner tonight. It was really good to catch up with Krystal because I haven't seen her in ages and she'll be moving to Tokyo after JET.

I haven't been to Cheryl's house in ages, perhaps the last time was when Brendon was here and we dropped by to feed her fish, clear her mail and water her plants.

I can't believe she still has these notes up on her fish tank. They still make me smile.

I made a thai green curry with chicken and vegetables and Cheryl made a really tasty hot, coconut soup and another curry with vegetables and tofu. She also made a yummy sago/tapioca coconut dessert with fruits. Sure they came from packets from the foreign food store but we sure know how to whip 'em up good. It was also perfect for the hot, humid weather we're having right now too.

Yummo! Thanks Cheryl!


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