Saturday, July 29, 2006

Another lost earring

With only 2 more days left in my apartment, I spent all day cleaning, vacuuming, packing, throwing out stuff and just getting everything organized.

Miwako invited me out for dinner in Sanners so I was looking forward to getting out. When I got out of the shower and looked straight into my mirror, I realised that one of my diamond studs was missing *cue dramatic music - Bum BUm BUM!* Not again.

I found the backing of it in my bath tub and feared that my earring had gone down the drain. I looked everywhere! All over my apartment, in all the corners, cleaned out the drain, sifted through the vacuum bag - everywhere!

Giving up, I sadly went to dinner but soon forgot all about it chatting and eating sea slug things in a Vietnamese restaurant. Thanks for the lovely night Miwako! Mecha arigatou! Samishii ne.

However there is a happy ending to this lost earring story (unlike all my other ones).
Having to vacate my apartment soon, I was desperate to find my earring (I refused to believe it had fallen down the drain - c'mon, what are the odds?!) The next night after stumbling home late, I decided to have one last look. Armed with a torch, I pressed my cheek on my shower floor (only because I had scrubbed and cleaned it the day before) to look under my bath. I saw a little twinkle. Excited and full of hope, I made an awesome MacGyver thing with 2 chopsticks and sticky tape. When I slowly pulled it out from under the bath, my earring was revealed. Hooray and so happy!


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