Saturday, June 10, 2006

Then there were 3

One of my ESS girls made green tea jelly again - yummo!

The days have been blurring into one, long stretch. Can't remember what we've been up to but the girls went to Hiroshima and Miyajima, Kyoto and Kobe. Eventually it was Friday, our last night together. We hit Sanners for some shabu-shabu!

Christina had to catch the shinkansen back to Tokyo on Saturday morning to fly out of Narita Airport. Thanks so so so much for taking my stuff home babe! I really apprecicate it heaps! I hope you have a safe flight home and the relocation up north goes well. You're going to have such an amazing experience and new challenges ahead, but we know you can do it and are going to miss you heaps! You are a tank, afterall. hehehe So glad you were able to visit us in Japan and I hope it made the last leg of your trip even sweeter!

After our goodbyes, we headed to Osaka for some shopping and Elephant Cafe for some tom yum noodles and rice.

My green tea mousse cake and royal milk tea in Namba Parks

Osaka in it's neon lit glory


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