Saturday, June 24, 2006

Marissa & Leigh's birthday

Double trouble birthday shinanigans were expected for Marissa and Leigh's all nighter out in Osaka.

First on the agenda was the ever popular tabehoudai & nomihoudai (all you can eat & drink) combo at Suikouden.

Then it was off to Sam & Dave's (nothing but class there haha) for some booty shakin' to hip hop, reggae and random rock tunes thrown in. They really love their Bon Jovi, complete with hand clapping actions.

Where is the love?

Then we spotted poles on the stage and Amanda's moves were very impressive. Sam's moves are always impressive on the dancefloor so it goes without saying that he took to it like a pro.

Now in 'missed the last train' mode, we headed to karaoke to lull ourselves to sleep until the first train. I must say, SY & Adrian's Tevin Campbell and NKOTB duets, complete with spine tingling whisperings, were classic!

Amanda wowed us all with her awesome voice and Shakira moves

Who could resist?

Then it was hauling our sorry, old asses to the trains at first light to head home. Nice, empty trains - unfortunately they were all local ones, but we got the new ones.


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