Saturday, June 17, 2006

Maiko Festival - Part 2

Today was Meng Yen's last day, so I took her to my school's festival to get a glimpse of my Japanese work life and to meet my crazy, cute students. Plus we were able to get her dressed up in a yukata!

The red wooden planks spell out 'MAIKO'

Finally after a lot of pulling, tugging and restricted breathing, we were both kitted out in our yukatas. Meng Yen borrowed one from Sue Yen and I bought mine the night before. Thanks for helping me pick it out MY!

In the tea room

With my tea-master-sensei

Performing tea ceremony

Then I took Meng Yen around my school to check out all the classroom shops, performances and club rooms.

With one of my 3rd year OC class girls

Playing the chopstick gun game - I was so impressed that one of my boys tried to explain (in English!) how to play the game to Meng Yen.

In the maid cafe with our hosts - again, very impressed with their efforts to speak English to Meng Yen. These boys were classic! I also pointed out Nemo-san to Meng Yen. She says he is adorably cute but doesn't see the Nemo similarities besides the big, brown eyes.

Trying to get a hole-in-one.

Fed up with my poor swings, I decided to just whack the ball. So on my last shot, I managed to lift the ball into the air and it smacked Principal-sensei right on the ass! He was walking around taking photos of each class. We couldn't stop laughing as I kept bowing and apologising. Unfortunately I don't have the photos of Meng Yen struggling to bowl the fitness ball in a yukata.

Watching the bands play.

These girls are in my OC class and are really shy and quiet, but damn, they could really rock the guitars and sing.

Back in the tea room

These are the sweets (manju) that we served before serving the tea

Then it was a taxi-ride home and off to Sanners. After dropping off Meng Yen to take the Airport bus, I met up with some ex-teachers for dinner. I still don't fully understand what they're talking about but my ears are sure going to miss being washed over by Japanese.

One of the teacher's new toys

It was strange not seeing the girls' huge backpacking bags on my tatami floor, hearing their contagious laughter and giggles, busting out the "Ain't nothing what we haven't seen before YO!" and our general chit chat. Thanks so much for visiting us girls! It was so much fun and so good to see you girls again. I'm glad you both were able to indulge your senses in our little worlds of Nippon and made many memories to tell the grandkids. Oba-chans, we're almost there!


PS. Meng Yen - I totally ripped off some of your photos from your blog, please feel free to do the same. We'll have to properly exchange photos once we all meet up again!


At 5:03 pm, Anonymous yuen said...

hey are u a teacher in one of the japanese high school? by the way what is OC?

the festival looks fun! i've always wanted to go japan, but looks like i can only do that after i start to earn my own living :(

and u look great in thet ukata!

At 11:56 pm, Blogger Christine said...

yuen - yeah I'm a teacher and OC stands for Oral Communication - the English speaking class. Thanks for dropping by!


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