Friday, June 16, 2006

Maiko Festival - Part 1

It's my favourite time of the school year again. Besides the holiday and enakai seasons, I was really looking forward to the school's festival.
The first day kicked off with the grand final homeroom singing contest and a performance by the school's brass band.
This year's festival theme: "Big Smile"

A few weeks before the concert, some brass band members asked me to sing with some other teachers as part of their performance. Always up for a laugh and to get more involved with my school, I happily agreed. Now, singing outside the privacy of my own bathroom, car or apartment is not cool. But with a group of teachers, I thought it shouldn't be too bad. That is until I got speaking with some other teachers who explained exactly what I had to do.
I could see all my hard work and effort in gaining the "cool, young teacher" status melt away as I was told I had to sing by myself. On stage. In Japanese. Enter panic mode.
They gave me the lyrics written in romaji so I could learn it phonetically, accompanied with a tape of the band playing the song. The performance was a medley of Pink Lady (Japanese female duo famous for their songs and dancing in the late 70's/early 80's) songs and each teacher had a bit to sing. We all wore pink and the other teachers were hilarious, especially judo-sensei's dance moves! I swear everyone nearly wet their pants or had tears in their eyes.
With the help of the other teachers and loads of practise, I did okay. My hands were shaking as I was so nervous I'd stuff up the pronunciation or rhythm. But it was all in good fun and the teachers and students said I did great. But then again, what are they going to say? "Boo! You suck!" haha
Then the festivities began...



Round 7 - bowling with a fitness ball

Shooting game with chopstick guns

Book club

Science club

Waffle/Donut hustlers

Manga Club

Beading with the PTA

Deluxe golf course

Almighty mother paper crane

Kindergarten kids concert

Cotton candy!

2nd year OC class baseball boys

In the maid cafe with my hosts

With one of my 3rd year OC class girls - she's such a cutie

3rd year OC class boys

Students looking after the kindergarten kids


At 10:19 pm, Blogger Wilson said...

how I wish I can be at Japan now, it looks really fun :)

At 11:58 pm, Blogger Christine said...

wilson - It is really fun, you should visit. More fun than a barrel full of monkeys!


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