Friday, June 30, 2006

The legend of Tarumi

This is based on a true story that happened on Friday night.

One day after a long, hard week at work, two friends decided to meet up for dinner because they hadn't seen each other for quite some time. Let's call them Cheryl and Christine.

Christine and Cheryl's original plan was to go to Brazil, a local restaurant they would often visit. But when they got there, they weren't in the mood for what was displayed out in the restaurant's window.

Cheryl said she had heard of a really good thai restaurant in Tarumi. There was a rumour, no - a legend of an amazing thai restaurant near the undercover shopping mall that people from near and far would trek to in order to satisfy their thai food cravings in this foreign land. Of course Christine didn't believe her at first but the thought of hot thai food was just too tempting.

With not much else knowledge of this place, the two friends set out to find it. After asking various shop owners and walking around, they were just about to give up because they were so tired and hungry (oh so hungry) when they saw....a sign! Literally.

They followed the sign around the back alleyways and stumbled upon a little restaurant called Asian cafe & dining. The legend was true - they could hardly believe their eyes (or noses).

They were ecstatic (okay, maybe Christine moreso). She couldn't help but leap for joy and hug Cheryl for telling her about the legend. A thai restaurant in Tarumi? Who would have known?! How come she had never heard of it before?

They sat in excitement and awe of the nice, cosy decor, great range of asian drinks, desserts and delicious food. The prices and servings made their smiles even wider. They promised to return in order to try more on the menu. The two friends were able to catch up and leave very satisfied with very full bellies.

Chicken pho set

Prawn green curry set

The end.

NB: Such a shame that Christine only found out about this hidden treasure with about a month left in Japan.


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