Monday, June 19, 2006

Christine and Sue Yen's Bogus Journey

We woke up very early the next morning to get ready for the morning prayers at 6.30am. After that we went to another room for a kind of fire ceremony.

When we returned to our rooms, our futons had been packed away and our breakfasts were set out.

We were both way too tired so decided to get some more sleep in (curled up on the floor cushions) before the 10am check out. Then we set out to cover as much as we could on our little map. First we trekked through the huge cemetery to get to Okuno-in.

The snake and the frog

Wooden plaques in memory of aborted babies and those who died by drowning... so says my LP

The Willow Room in Kongobu-ji where Toyotomi Hidetsugu commited says my LP again

Beautiful rock garden

Somewhere, I think in Kongobu-ji, drinking complimentary tea and eating rice crackers while cooling off.

Soon our journey for zen, hot monks and getting cultured came to an end and we trekked home, not before grabbing the new 'asian spice' flavoured KFC for dinner.


At 6:33 pm, Anonymous sue said...

what's an 'LP'?

At 1:14 pm, Blogger Christine said...

sue - my Lonely Planet guide book. It's been really useful in Japan.


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