Friday, June 23, 2006

Chasing fireflies

After school, adopted-Japanese-father-sensei invited me and two other teachers to go see fireflies near judo-sensei's house.

First we went to an izakaya for dinner and then met judo-sensei and his two adorable, little girls.

Then we went to this little river in search of the fireflies. There were only a few but they were so cute and magical - my first firefly sighting!

Then we said goodbye to judo-sensei and went to a bar decorated with Bob Dylan and Bob Marley record covers and posters. We ate, we drank and then when we thought we were heading back home, he took us to another izakaya style bar where we ate and drank some more. By this time I was tired and well ready to head home but we were dragged to another place where more food was served and drinks were poured.

Eventually we made it back to one of the teacher's car and got home very, very late.


At 10:29 pm, Blogger Melissa said...

lol I love the heart shaped thing you guys are making with your arms.

I'm SO going to do that next time I take a photo, and everyone will go "WHAT are you doing?"

And I will say smugly "Fools. This is how EVERYONE in Japan poses."


Everytime I read your blog, I get intense urges to go there!

At 10:46 am, Blogger Christine said...

melissa - hey sweetie! Be warned that if you do decide to pull out the heart shapes, you should have already had a few drinks although I think we were the only foreigners doing it haha

Hope you're taking care of yourself.



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