Saturday, May 20, 2006

Time for some culture

Today I headed to the Kobe City Museum to see 'The Allure of Edo' exhibition.

Kawatobi-sensei had invited me to see it on Sunday with her but unfortunately I already had plans. Our school has two 'teacher' passes that allows a teacher and a friend free entry to the exhibitions held at that museum. So she showed me how I could borrow one.

So after my usual laundry and ironing routine, I met up with Chris in Sanners because his soccer game was cancelled. (Good to catch up with you Chris!) I took him to Robinson Cafe, looking forward to their awesome lunch sets and tabehoudai breads but we were too late for lunch and ended up just having coffee and cake.

The exhibition was so crowded and it took ages to see everything. But it was definitely worth it. The ukiyoe paintings on scrolls and paper screens were amazing. So detailed and beautiful. The colours were so vibrant, surely they must have been restored. In my future house I plan to have a Japanese room with tatami mats, sliding doors and exquisite Japanese prints where I can practise my tea ceremony and zen out.

Me & Chris

After the exhibition I said goodbye to Chris and headed straight to Takarazuka. Chieko picked Sue Yen and myself up from the station and drove us to Ragshack - an interesting restaurant with old western american decor. It was nice to sit back in the car listening to Bennie K with memories flooding back as we drove around familiar surroundings - the train station where we used to hang out at, my first Mister Donuts shop, the stairs near the station where we took photos with the biker guys and skateboarder boys, the golden pheonix statue outside the Osamu Tezuka (creator of Astro Boy, Kimba the white lion & Black Jack) museum and the river near the city office.

Chieko ringing up our order at Ragshack

Tacos, guacamole and nasi goreng

Then we headed to Round 1 for karaoke and icecream, singing Japanese and English songs that were popular 9 years ago ~ Spice girls, V6, Chara, Kinki Kids, SMAP, Backstreet boys and some random newer songs thrown in just to mix things up.

Chi-chan ~ Arigatou gozaimasu *\(^-^)/* Itsumo mecha tanoshikata! Soshite itsumo onaka yabai ne. (^0^;) Demo daijyobu da yo, natsukashii to atarashikute tanoshii omoide. Kondo aimasho! Tanoshimi!


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