Saturday, May 27, 2006

Road trip to Sasayama

Today I went on a drive to Sasayama and Sanda with Makoto and Kiyoko in their new car. It was nice to be surrounded by a different landscape and get out into the country.

We stopped by this little house-turned-into-soba-shop for some freshly made sara-soba and wild duck rice. Very tasty.

Drying onions

The view outside while sitting seiza-style, waiting for our lunch

Steamed wild duck rice

Sara-soba and soba tea

Makoto enjoying his soba

Then it was off to see the Sasayama Castle Ruins.

Then we went to the sake brewery museum and another museum which had an awesome katana display.

Then it was on our way for a nice relaxing onsen followed by a stop off at Koyama, a famous cake shop which had a 20 minute wait and a line leading right out the door into the garden.

The lush green mountains and clouds reflected in the rice fields - simply stunning.


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