Thursday, May 04, 2006

National Day

While ironing, I like to indulge in watching dvds. I also try to practise sitting in the seiza position in hopes that one day I'll be able to get through the whole tea-making-and-serving-ceremony without my legs dying on me.

My tea-sensei will always ask me if I'm okay to stand up or to continue, and I will always smile and say "Gambarimasu". And everytime without fail, as soon as I walk out of the tatami room into the preparation room (out of clear view), I will start jumping up and down and smacking my calves to get the blood rushing through them again. All of us 'students' laugh because you can hear all the sudden commotion going on through the paper screens.

I watched 'Van Helsing'. Brendon had watched it ages ago and always told me it was crap and not to bother watching it but I just had to watch it myself and c'mon, it's Hugh Jackman. So yeah, it is pretty crap but now I can say it from experience.

In the afternoon I headed to Kobe. Kana had organised a day out at U-para. U-para takes up the top 2 floors of the Bee's Kiss building and is an amusement place which charges according to how long you stay there. Once inside you can play to your heart's desire all the arcade games and everything else they have on offer. For example, they have Bingo with prizes, table tennis, badminton, darts, pool (billiards), volleyball, futsal, baseball pitching, shooting, a survival game (?), rock climbing and even fishing (with real fish in this makeshift pond)! They also have foot spas, internet cafe, manga lounges and a tanning salon (?) - well that's what my map said.

It's mainly a place for kids to hang out and for families with little kids. Or a place where you dump the kids to keep them entertained while you go shopping. But we had fun playing the gun games (they had Point Blank! ), driving games (Sam and I had a go at Tokyo Wars), table tennis, darts, pool and rock climbing. I think we shall have to go there again sometime.

Sam demonstrating how to play the ninja/samurai game

Sam playing the 'Walk the dog' game/treadmill

It was a really weird video game
The fishing pond?!
"Welcome to the Gun Show"

While we were eating fries, Sam takes out a 2 litre bottle of tea from his bag and starts drinking it. Who carries around a 2 litre bottle of tea? or of water or anything?! Some Japanese girls sitting at a table near us were quite amazed and giggling.

Then Alison, Marissa, Sam and I headed into Sanners and had sushi for dinner. Next stop was Haagen Dazs before meeting up with Andy and chilling at Polo Dog. It was a great day with wonderful company.

Everyone loves a good mono-brow

With the two married Aussies showing us their rings

Marissa looking a lot less scared of Sam

Alison, Andy & me


At 11:54 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doesn't everyone carry around a 2 litre bottle of tea?
I mean.. you can never have enough tea right?

At 8:56 am, Blogger Christine said...

Yeah, but it can never seem to fit in my handbag.


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