Saturday, May 06, 2006

The day after

We woke up about 10am and Chieko's mum made us breakfast. It was so good, just like being at a restaurant.

I had been to Chieko's house once before, 9 years ago when I was on exchange. I remembered being in her kitchen and us girls watching Beach Boys (popular TV series at that time) while eating rice crackers. It was such a surreal feeling.

With Chieko's mum
Still full from breakfast/brunch we drove to Mother Moon Cafe in Senri for coffee and cake.

Chieko's caffe latte with a bear face formed in the foam. It's quite popular now in some cafes to have pictures like hearts, cartoon faces or cute pictures 'painted' in the froth. They even do it with tomato sauce on omurice.

Then we drove to Expo land, which was the site of the 1970 World Expo, so I could have a look. Now it's an amusement park with roller coasters and such.

The 'Tower of the Sun' mascot of the expo - I think it's a bit creepy

Chieko dropped me off at Nishinomiya and I took the train back into Sanners and met up with Cheryl. I was really tired from the day/night before but hey, I was already in Sanners and I couldn't waste my GW.

Cheryl's mission was to buy herself a ring which would be from her parents for her birthday. I was only too happy to accompany her shopping, even moreso when she told me Tiffany's was the destination. The last time I was there (it was only last week) I walked out with a little blue bag too. But I was just a poser because my purchase was the jewellery cleaner set for my bracelet and rings. Ha!

Cheryl however, left with a little blue bag AND a beautiful silver sapphire ring.

Then she took me to Lois Cafe and we had an early dinner. I will definitely be back again! The place was so nice with water fountains, ponds, wooden furniture, a little ye olde english looking library den and Asian/Thai inspired bathrooms. The decor was just exquisite.

The food was reasonably priced and delicious. I had the beef salad and Cheryl had 'Miss Saigon' - herb pasta and salad. Cheryl has been there a few times and she says the other dishes are really good too.

Cheryl and her little blue bag

My tasty beef salad

Then I headed to Starbucks to have a coffee to wake myself up and met up with Leigh, Sam and Adrian before heading to yep, you guessed it, Polo Dog. Don't get me wrong, I really like that place because the atmosphere is laid back, the staff are friendly and the food and drinks are good and cheap.

In between 'Reggae Night', they had some guy playing the guitar who was pretty good. I split a taco rice with Leigh - yum! and was only drinking coke and orange juice. By 11pm I was well and truly ready to call it a night. So I piked and went home as it started to pour down with rain.


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