Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Constitution Day

I had initially wanted to go to Kyushu during GW but I hadn't organised anything and have been told that because it is GW, it's a lot more crowded and expensive. GW is the time when most people go back to their home towns or travel. This means the trains are always crowded, domestic and international airfares are double the price and hotels are usually booked out.

So I decided to have a less hectic GW catching up with friends, my exchange students and spending QMT. Recently the weather has been superb. Nice and warm with cool breezes, and I can definitely say goodbye to my thermals and winter down jackets. Yay!

It was a really nice day today and as much as I wanted to go out, I stayed at home and conquered my mountain of ironing and even cleaned my kitchen! I don't think the vent above my stove has been properly cleaned for about 5 years. It took forever.

Also if I headed out, I knew I would end up spending money and I'm trying to save my precious yen for when my girlfriends visit next month.


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