Monday, May 08, 2006

Christon Cafe

Today after school I headed to Umeda to meet Cheryl, who had a friend visiting from Perth, and Dave (our Nova representative from Canada).

Cheryl took us to Christon Cafe, a church-like, gothic themed restaurant. I think it's run by the same company as Elephant Cafe.

There were crosses, pictures of Jesus, Mary and other Biblical images, candles, chandeliers and a disco ball hanging in front of The Last Supper painted behind the bar. Random and also a bit creepy. Only in Japan.

Now, I've seen these kinds of toilet seats back home. You know, the ones with flowers, shells, starfish and glitter in them. But this was the first time I've seen one with lipstick kisses and lace panties.

Flesh cream, anyone?


At 3:36 pm, Blogger Nami said...

Ooh! That reminds me of Indiana Cafe @ Cottesloe!

At 10:28 pm, Blogger Christine said...

Hey Nami!

Man, I haven't been there for ages. But I don't remember them having pictures of Jesus and gothic bling in their decor scheme haha but their desserts were good!


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