Thursday, May 11, 2006

Big Brother

On Thursday night I headed into Sanners and met up with Kenny (Sue Yen's brother) and Yvonne (Sue Yen's cousin) for dinner while Sue Yen was still at work.

Sue Yen, her brother and cousin had just come back from their trip to the US during Spring break. I couldn't find a good yakiniku place and we were really hungry so I took them to the great izakaya place that I usually take everyone to. Sue Yen met up with us afterwards and it was really good to see her again and listen to her adventures in America.

Thanks for the VS shorts! They're so cute ~ can't wait to wear them!

Royal milk tea parfait

I've known Sue Yen since high school and Kenny has been good mates with my brother since high school too. I think that's how we actually met. If I recall correctly, we were in the same P.E class doing swimming or water polo and we discovered who our older brothers. Wowzers - that was like AGES ago.

Anyways my brother has also recently turned the big 3-0! Eeeks! You're old, man! Haha

Yep, the same big bro who used to pick me up and try to flush me down the toilet (I was too smart for you!), shoot plastic, orange bullets at us from his bb gun, bribe me to take out the rubbish, cook juicy steaks and lambchops for dinner (then I had to wash up), told me that I didn't properly stop at the stop sign when I was learning how to drive ("I like, totally paused!" hahaha) and introduced me to Ranma 1/2 comics.

And now my big brother is going to be a dad! CRAZY! Congratulations to you and Thibe! So happy and excited for you guys! xox


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