Sunday, May 14, 2006

Another familiar face in Kobe

Happy Mother's Day.

I called my mum today and Brendon went over and delivered flowers (actually it was a pot plant).

Today was a beautiful day and after hanging up my washing, I wasn't looking forward to spending the day stuck indoors ironing away. Lucky for me, Sue Yen's message saved the day.

We met up in Sanners to see Cindy, who has just moved over to Japan for work. Her Japanese is amazing (1 kyuu baby!) and she blends in quite well in the Kobe crowd.

After a bit of shopping I took them to Lois Cafe. I had the Viking Rice which was quite tasty. Cindy's noodles had century egg in it! and Sue Yen's noodles made me miss eating good, oily, roast duck noodles.

After another bout of shopping, we parted ways and I headed to my hairdressers. As always, very accommodating, friendly and relaxing. I'm going to miss the team at du:c (dream unlimited collaboration).

Never have I given a hairdresser total control of my hair (Nandemoii - Anything is okay) and I always enjoy my visits. That night especially, I walked out feeling like a million bucks, too bad it was just for picking up groceries.


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