Sunday, April 23, 2006

Weekend in a nutshell

Saturday I went to the gym then met up with Sam and Miwako in Sanners for dinner. We went to Sapna and I ordered exactly the same thing as I always do; Mini course with mutton curry, full nan and hot chai.

With the night still young, we headed to Becak to chill out with some drinks (after last night, they were of the non-alcoholic variety - virgin chi chi's to be exact). Leigh met up with us later and talk turned to nutrition, Nakata vs Ichiro, languages, meeting Simon's lovely wife - Kerrie (from Sydney) and pick up lines. Sam's 'yume' (dream) one was pretty good, considering that he made it up on the spot and it was bilingual. Nice one.

Sunday I got up early and joined the Kobe JET folk on their outing to COSTCO. It was my first time going there but I've heard only good things about that place. A foreign food (and anything else) heaven for gaijin living in Japan. The only thing I can think to compare it with back home is FAL. Big shop with lots of food (mostly imported) in big quantities at good prices. Basically, bulk buying.

I had to remind myself that I only have a few more months left in Japan and that I didn't really need a new weather clock, BBQ set, inflatable pool and a year's supply of seasame dressing. In the end I got some bagels (you had to buy two packs and now they are taking up half of my freezer space), whole dried raspberries, smoked bratwurts, masala chai mix, microwave popcorn (came in a box of 36 packets but I split them with Alison), macaroni cheese mix (highly recommended by the COSTCO veterans so I went halvsies with Melanie) and *drumroll* lamb!

I couldn't wait to cook it up. I got home, unpacked everything, cut up the block of lamb so I could freeze small portions of it, then fried up the most delcious piece of lamb I've had in Japan. Seasoned only with salt, pepper, garlic and fresh rosemary from my 'garden', it smelt and looked so good, I wolfed it down before I could take a picture. So happy!


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