Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I know it's spring because the vending machine doesn't stock the hot, red bean can drink anymore. Damn, winter exclusive! But it's still so cold and I needed you so badly this morning.

Yeah it's spring, but most of my plants died over the winter and apparently all I can grow is an onion.

But check out Kiyoko's homemade white chocolate cheesecake.


The new teachers have moved in and there are quite a few new English teachers. They all seem quite nice and I get along with a younger female teacher, who has just moved into my neighbourhood too. I plan to show her some nice restaurants around Tarumi, in particular Malibu. She's also been to Perth before on part of the Hyogo Floating University ship, and I remember going aboard it when it docked in Fremantle when I was at uni. Yikes, Japan seems to be getting smaller too.


At 11:31 pm, Blogger dawm2dusk said...

Hello Christine!

Know this might sound very funny but I'm a reader of your blog.

Got your link through your sister and I know her sister through another famous blogger.

I enjoy your blog tremendously!

Well, I was thinking if you don't mind, could I mention you and link you in my blog?


At 12:43 pm, Blogger Christine said...

dawm2dusk - Hey thanks. I sent you an email.


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