Friday, April 28, 2006

School Trip

Today I went to Kyoto and joined in with my second year's ensoku (school trip) to Kyoto. Last year I wasn't allowed to go and just stayed at school with no classes. But this year, lucky me got to spend the day walking around Kawaramachi in the gorgeous sunshine. The teachers and I were all quite surprised that I was given the all clear by Kocho-sensei.
The first years went on a camp to Kannabe (Tajima - Northern Hyogo) and the third year's went to Arashiyama, a more north-western part of Kyoto near the mountains.
The students have to make their own way there and plan their own itineraries. They have to check their names off at the beginning of the trip and at the end. I followed the other two female second year teachers to Yasaka Shrine and walked to Kiyomizu Temple. We stopped for lunch (delicious matcha soba noodles with chicken) then headed back to the check point to make sure the students were all accounted for.
After the students were dismissed, we all went our separate ways and I bought some black sesame nama yatsuhashi (specialty of Kyoto), oil blotting paper from Yojiya (a famous cosmetics shop in Kyoto) and 2 tops from Zara (they really should open up a store in Kobe) before taking the train back into Sannomiya.
The second year teachers were having an enkai at an Okinawan-style izakaya. For 9 of us, there was way too much food. We had Okinawan korooke, big plates of fresh sashimi, mince chicken skewers, salad, Okinawan stewed pork, fried noodles, beef tataki, mango pudding and heaps more. Of course it was all you can drink too.
If only every Friday was like this.
With some 3rd year students Sannomiya station

Students checking in at Yasaka Shrine

Shijo Street

Teachers' standing on the left as late students arrive

Hanging monkeys

Steps up to Kiyomizu Temple

Kubo-sensei & Taniguchi-sensei

There were heaps of school groups out in Kyoto that day, including the yellow-hat-wearing elementary school kids.

Back at Yasaka Shrine

This student bought a plastic samurai sword and was wearing a jewelled necklace - he also had a bobby pin in his hair (it's quite common for my male students to pin back their fringes with hair clips).

I met these two students on the train ride to Sannomiya in the morning

These are some 3rd year girls I bumped into at Sannomiya station coming back from Kyoto

At the enkai


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