Friday, April 14, 2006

Sayonara Hana

For Hana's last night in Sannomiya, Kana took us to this roadside takoyaki stall and it was so good. Deee-licious! I now know where to get huge, tasty takoyaki balls (with a variety of flavours) in Sannomiya AND at a really cheap price too.
Then we headed over to Polo Dog and met up with Sam, Leigh and the rest of the Kobe City JET crew. I highly recommend Polo Dog's chicken burger and banana juice (banana smoothie).

Gonna miss ya Hana!

The crazy couple soon to be doing the LDR - I feel ya!

Kana and Leigh (sorry for the evil, seedy shot haha)

Sam, Hana, Alison & Kana

Sue Yen joined us after work

These are shots of cherry blossoms along the main street in Sanners. They grew straight up and very tall and with those brilliant colours, looked almost fake.

I haven't known Hana for all that long (~1 year) but she has become a good friend of mine during my time in Japan. Down-to-earth, supportive, caring, big heart and warm smile. Through Hana and Sam, I was able to meet some really great people and hang out with the Kobe City JET gang.

Hana - I wish you all the very best for settling back into Oz and don't worry, we'll look out for Sammy B. Looking forward to seeing you again in Perth, Sydney or who knows ... back in Japan.


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