Sunday, April 30, 2006

One, three, double one, double six...

Today was a nice day to air out my futons, quilts and blankets. However, as I was wiping down my balcony rails I managed to drop the cloth I was using. Down it floated landing in the backyard of the people who live below me.

A fear of mine, since living in this apartment, is that one day my underwear is going to fly off my washing pole and land right in the garden below me. Eeks!

For lunch I made a tasty egg and brat sausage bagel.

I decided to have a quiet, relaxed day at home today. Did some reading, a whole heap of ironing and just enjoyed being in my little piece of Japan. In the evening I got a knock on my door and was invited to check out Yosuke and Noriko's new place with my other neighbours, Eric and Kanako.
Yosuke and Noriko have just moved into a new mansion apartment. It's quite sad to see them leave Aminity Kasumigaoka but their new place is only a 5 minute walk away so I'm sure I'll still run into them at the shops and around Tarumi.
Their new place is really nice! It has an amazing view of the bridge, 3 rooms and has a big kitchen and dining area. They ordered Pizza Hut pizzas and we made some salad. It was my first home delivered pizza experience. Pizza in Japan is quite expensive and home delivery will set you back about $20. They also like to use mayo and corn as topping.

We had a huge-ass square carbonara pizza and a sausage crust one.

Yosuke busting out his guitar as we watched his Talking Head's 'Stop Making Sense' dvd.

Am sure going to miss these guys.


At 2:23 pm, Blogger Nami said...

I once dropped my shorts and it flew away from my apato to the next building. It wasn't until my friends (with whom we were taking out trash) realised that OMG! Those are my shorts hanging by the 7th floor railing!

At 8:54 am, Blogger Christine said...

Nami - Heya, how embarrassment. Did you go rescue them?


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