Tuesday, April 11, 2006

New beginnings mean the end of something else...

... sometimes they're the end of something bad (which is a good thing) but sometimes they mean the end of something good (which is a bad thing). They say "all good things must come to an end," but how about the in betweens?

The new school year has started and it's been quite sad seeing some of my teachers leave. Sad as in I acutally had to blink back stray tears. Japan has made me so emotional. I guess I'm also just sad about having to leave this country, this lifestyle, this adventure. It's taken me a long time to get here and now I'm sad that it's going to be over very soon.

What do you do when the dream you've been pursuing, all that you have ever wanted has come to fruition and is soon about to be over? I had never thought of Plan B because I always knew I would get here, but I seem to have forgot to think about ...what happens next?

Hybrid cherry (plum?) blossoms in the female teachers' bathroom.

I love how in Spring there are always fresh flowers in the teachers' bathroom. I don't know who puts them there (perhaps the gardener?) but fresh flowers always brighten up a day, especially those long, nothing-seems-to-be-going-right, Monday-itis kind of days.

What also cheers me up is when I have the right ingredients in my kitchen to satisfy my random cravings.

Crepe with bananas and mayple syrup

Spaghetti with the works


At 1:41 am, Anonymous Meng Teck said...

Dream dreams
Guard them with your life
And step forward bravely
With a zeal so strong
it could change the earth.

It's always sad to come to the final checkpoint before the actual destination. But there's a grand beginning awaiting you at the gate ;)

At 9:58 am, Blogger ginnie & alfie said...

Hey Christine,

This is my first post.
Stumbled on your blog thru a friend and have been following you on your adventures!
i'm living a similar (well, somewhat..) adventure in NYC.
Just thot i'd drop a line to say that i've enjoyed your blog and your amazingly funny & entertaining posts. And that your feeling sad now can perhaps only be measured against what has obviously been a joyous and, as you pointed out, "good thing."
Which leaves me only with these words of wisdom...

... Rock On Dudette!


At 12:09 pm, Anonymous Sarah said...

Gorgeous Christine...

The in-betweens are the very best bits! You'll just have to make another Plan A, and then another, and then another... who'd ever want to live life with a chain of back ups?

I'm touring the amazing vistas of New Zealand with the show and enjoying every minute of it. I've got another four weeks of rolling mountains, fantastic Pinots and Maori culture, then I'll be returning home for my 'in-between'. I'm thinking somewhere in-between London and Perth sounds fairly enticing.

Look forward to a big catch up with coffee and cake!!


At 2:00 pm, Blogger Christine said...

meng teck - Beautiful and so true. Thanks for your encouragement!

alfie - Thanks for leaving a comment! It's nice to hear from people who pass by this blog and enjoy it. Will definitely rock on! haha Arigatou!

Thanks sar - such wonderful wisdom and encouragement from such a dear friend. Much appreciated! I'm so happy for you that you're doing what you love too and are enjoying the many adventures that come your way. Am really looking forward to seeing you again - the catch up is going to be BIG...freakin' huge! Take care of yourself. Love & miss ya lots xox


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