Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mid-week madness

Okay, not really. It wasn't madness but it was a good reason to go out on a week night. Sam, Leigh, Alison and I headed to Becak for a quiz night. Simon had told us about it on Saturday.

Amanda (1st year JET who was in my mid-year seminar group) and Dan (3rd year Perth JET) have just started a quiz night thing at Becak held every fortnight. It was a fun, chilled and laid back kind of evening. I was the scribe and I realised my spelling has become quite atrocious since living in Japan. In our excitement to spell Helsinki (with an 'i'), Alison and I managed to spill our virgin chi chi's all over the table, floor and into my beloved, red leather Coach! Tragic, I know. I was speechless at first and it took me a while to process what had actually happened. My bag will forever be tainted by those damn virgins chi chi's! But at least we didn't break the glasses.

Our 'Team-I-don't-like-your-face' came second by 1 point. Not too shabs, aye?


At 8:08 pm, Anonymous Q said...

NOOOO not the bag!!!

At 10:39 am, Blogger Christine said...

Q - I know...I KNOW!!!! As soon as I got home, I cleaned and buffed it. It's all good now.


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